Whats up peoples my name is DJ L.I.D. aka Robert Gonzalez, I've always loved music at a young age. I started my first record collection when i was about 8 years old with music compilations that were on Ronco records and most of the songs were tv themes and jingles, but what really got me started djing was hearing my cousin Frank Ramirez on K.C.S.B playing nothing but the hits that you couldnt hear on the radio only if you listen to 92.5 in san diego and still to this day i still have the original recordings on record, so my career of being a dj started.


I first started with Tom Ramirez brother Paul Ramirez (Dj Paul remix Ramirez) and at that time both of us were learning from DJ Sergio De La Mora, Sergio at that time had the market covered here in the Santa Barbara area and every 805 DJ at that time wanted to be just like him. As time went on Remix and I added another Dj to help us whos name was Jaun Vega the slickest left hand mixer at the time and formed music illusions.  Years later Remix had droped from the group as so did myself, trying to do are own thing but at the time DJing always felt like a battle among friends so I hooked up with Jaun Vega agian and at this time he had a different partner by the name of Victor Garcia aka DJ Wayback and the called themselves Perfect Beat productions so still being my way


I went on by myself and called myself DJ Self destruction were i got the name dont know, so as years passed by still djing I dropped the name and was using Dj Bobby Gonzalez until one time at a party some one told me yo Dj you really lay it down then the name kind of stuck after that. Dj nasty aka 2 brown Tony Savedra shorten it and called me DJ L.I.D. And thats were the name was formed so i always new Tom Ramirez (aka Tomkatt) from back in the day and since the itch from his brother he really never stopped being a dj so he had asked Wayback and I to join him in the dj market and we formed Music Pros which still is affect, so being djs i guess did not really fill the blanks so Tom and I formed zmix97 for all the dj's who wanted to show off there talent they could plus play the old school music that people love and injoy , so people if your reading this bio dont forget zmix97 is here to stay and will become even better as time goes on DJ L.I.D.>>>>>>>




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