Hello Everyone, thanks for stopping by DJ Splice’s bio page. I started DJing in 1986 when I went over my girlfriend’s house (at the time) in Lancaster, CA and her brother (DJ Maestro) was in the mix with using the old Radio shack equipment. I was immediately fascinated and started to observe and learn. He taught me and I quickly picked it up. I then left Lancaster and moved to Santa Barbara, CA in 1989 and DJ’d at various places and made a name for myself in the community. I DJ’d at: Clubs such as: Alex’s Cantina, Prime Directive, The Caribbean Cuisine and the Beach Shack, House parties, Wedding receptions, Fraternity and Sorority Parties, Booze Cruises on the Harbor, and Christmas Parties for Businesses. I also DJ’d at the Graduate and Anaconda in Isla Vista for various artists in between sets including EPMD, Public Enemy, The Hit Squad and Ice Cube.


In 2003, I moved to Ventura, CA still in the 805 and continued DJing but more south taking gigs in Ventura down to San Diego, CA. I now play music from the 20’s to current day (Salsa music being my favorite) but nothing beats the music of old as I feel current music is not the same. That is why I am pleased to have joined Zmix97.com as they keep it real with the old school music but using technology like Serato & Serato Video and keeping Vinyl as their back up Serato! Thanks Zmix97 and all the listeners as I look forward to having you check me out on my Thursday show from 5-6pm (PST) called “The Five O’clock Traffic Jam" with DJ Splice.”



Much Love,

DJ Splice (Paul Worthey)




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