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Tyrone Dubose

Timeless Traxx



IIconic R&B Historian, distinctive radio host, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Tyrone DuBose hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up wanting a career in entertainment, he began his lifelong pursuit in 1985, when he became the host for a television program in the South Bay area of Southern California.


Having a distinctive bass-baritone voice, DuBose quickly became a highly sought after announcer for many events, phone auto-attendant for Fortune 500 companies and voiceovers for many national commercials. Like many great public personalities, mastering one art was not enough. Tyrone ventured into radio where he was heard live on air at KHWY-FM in Barstow California for over 7 years. This is where he began developing his on-air skills and working on his craft that would later open the doors for him to other radio stations across the nation and eventually television.


Because of his incredible knowledge of R&B history and the national R&B singles charts,  DuBose created and host the radio program “Timeless Traxx”, a syndicated radio program that reaches over 40 stations and has went aboard to the International market in five countries.


On the show, DuBose counts down the top R&B songs in America according to the National R&B Charts. It includes six decades of artist in one show based on their peak position. In addition to hosting the radio show, he researches and writes each show based on the history of the song, along with giving the date the song enters the charts.  The show is a smash hit, and Tyrone's years of experimenting with the format and approach keeps him consistently not only at the top of his industry, but with a program considered to being the fastest growing old school R&B countdown program in America. 

Emerging from the show is “Do You Know”, an award-winning  YouTube webisode series that gives fans a visual of the radio show, with trivia about history of R&B.  

 His extraordinary knowledge of R&B history landed him a job as a show contributor for the popular TV One program “UNSUNG”. UNSUNG  is the acclaimed award-winning series of one-hour biographies that celebrates the lives and careers of successful artists or groups who, despite great talent, over the years have been under-recognized or under-appreciated.

On the show he shares unknown facts and commentary about legendary artist such as Martha Wash, Kashif, Hi-Five, The Manhattans and others.  With admirable work ethics and determination to educate music lovers about behind the scene facts about their favorite artist, DuBose earned the title of R&B Historian after astonishing fans as well as producers with knowledge that took devotion and exploration to discover.  

Recently, DuBose has joined the highly successful Sheryl Underwood radio program as a daily contributor as “America’s R&B Historian, with a segment called  “A 60 Second moment in music history. DuBose  gives trivia, history, and chart information on musical artists from six different decades. Sheryl Underwood  Radio is the number one urban radio affiliated program in America.

Today, in addition to the many roles he has grasped, DuBose serves as a motivational speaker and philanthropist to those who may be facing or have faced life changing experiences. As a cancer survivor, DuBose knows first hand how delicate life can be and instills perseverance, hope and triumph in audiences around the world. His smooth demeanor and sincere, heartfelt delivery captivates audiences and leaves them uplifted and encouraged to fight on.

In 2015, DuBose became a four-time award winner,  including “Outstanding Host” for his webisode series “Do You Know” at the Los Angeles Webfest,  the “R&B Historian” award from Rare Grooves Radio, the GIRO award from WRLR Radio in Lake County Illinois, and “ Best Voice Over” award from the Mayan Awards in Atlanta Georgia. For more information, you can go to the website of Tyrone DuBose at